'Raising the Floor' for Healthcare Payers

In a complex organization like a health insurer, there are many departments and functions that are supposed to work together. Seamlessly. If one or more of these functions cannot operate as needed, the entire operation often gets dragged down to that lowest common denominator: the floor. It doesn't matter that some capabilities (e.g. analytics) are bleeding edge (the 'ceiling').


Only when we raise the floor far enough can the entire organization perform the way the business demands and the stakeholders deserve. In the health insurance industry, raising the floor means running ALL company functions on ONE software platform that

  • has a module for each function/department

  • incorporates complete feature sets and best practices in each module

  • ensures all modules work together seamlessly


Welcome to Rebus Health Systems.

Our mission is to bring exactly that platform to market. 

rebus [ree-buh s] from Latin

Noun:   things - "not by words but by things“

Verb:   soar  - to soar, soaring


‘rebus’ perfectly represents what this company is all about:

  • Substance – the Rebus platform contains all the capabilities payers need

  • Performance – the Rebus platform allows payer organizations to perform to their fullest potential

The Challenge

How Do We Get 'There?'

The Payer Challenge: the business is complex and changing; all functions are inter-related, but there is no software (yet) to support that reality.

The industry often looks to innovation and analytics to solve the problems. But the problems persist. It is not for a lack of ideas or lack of trying, however. It is about execution.

We at Rebus know that it doesn’t matter how innovative or fast a company or solution is if not aimed at the real problem with a viable solution; deployed in a way that is extremely compelling (considering cost, risk, operations, culture and technology) to our customer, the payer.

Knowing WHERE to go and HOW to get there is the hard part. And we know it’s not a straight line - because we have already mapped out the path.


The Platform

Technology has Potential - a Platform Realizes it

Everyone in the healthcare insurance industry understands that the many functions a payer organization needs to manage today are highly interrelated. We are all painfully aware that disconnected information and systems are huge problems.

The obvious answer is an integrated, mature software platform.

We know exactly what it needs to look like

... and we know how to make it work for payers

... and we are already working on it!


The Founding Team


Experience and Vision

We are an experienced executive team that understands payer business extremely well, understands operations, regulations and changing dynamics which enables it to take a different approach to the problem many others are trying to solve: bring integrated capabilities to payers.

In addition to the executive team, RHS has established a large group of top industry advisors who will guide the company on an ongoing basis.